New Chicago Datacenter at Coresite..

  • Saturday, 18th January, 2014
  • 00:00am
New Chicago Datacenter at Coresite..

Tzulo is pleased to annouce a 3rd location in Chicago, that is well established in the metro area. The facility is planned to become our new home as we migrate over the next 6 months our current customers to Coresite Datacenter from Equinix Datacenter. The value-added benefits of Coresite has won our business with our first round of expansion in Chicago. Coresite location allows us to offer full racks and cages for customers, as well as office space within the building. The facility it's self is highly rated with scripted maintenance procedures relating to UPS Systems, Generators, PDU Systems, and Cooling units. All of our new cabinets will have dual feeds from diverse PDU Systems to ensure 100% power uptime. Along with the facility we have diverse dark fiber routes utilizing a backhaul method to our carriers at Equinix. With our system in place we can scale our fibers to over 80gb within 24hrs by simply swapping out optics and ports. We are very impressed with the location and are happy to continue our company's journey here.
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